Through stories and images we present unexpected, under-represented perspectives. By fostering meaningful collaborations, we help clients to re-imagine the possible. Our conversations work to inspire us to reinvent purpose. 


From a young man with cerebral palsy who sings in a gospel choir, to a friendship that defies gender, age and race, and a multi-generational journey to save children on another continent, Mockingbird seeks out the stories that help us—as Atticus Finch explained to Jem—learn how to walk in another’s shoes.

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Mockingbird founder Ashley Gordon has brought people, organizations, and companies together to discover their strengths, refine their goals, and mark a path forward with the partners that complement their culture and purpose.


Through video series, podcasts, and events from industry conferences to book festivals, Mockingbird hopes to ignite a discussion that promotes debate and learning, but also includes a solid dose of laughter.